July 2014 - Present


Age: 24
HOMETOWN: Los Angeles
DEGREE: MA, Journalism
FAVORITE WRITER: Hunter S. Thompson

Quick Facts

I believe in the power of the written word. I've seen it transform lives first hand.

When I first stepped foot on Stanford's campus as a freshman, it was a foregone conclusion that I would major in creative writing. I took that invaluable experience and built on it during my time in UCLA's journalism program.

Now I have the daily privilege of using words to help bring new worlds into focus, important issues to the forefront, and positive change to people and their communities.

A Little Bit of Sin

Hi! My name is Nikki "Nikki G" Nicole and welcome to my site. I am the Author of...
  • I was responsible for long-form investigative journalism and daily reporting for the south side of Chicago.  
  • I won a "Best of Chicago" award for my 9-part expose on incompetent asbestos removal companies.

Professional Experience

Professional Skills

  • I managed a team of four content creators for one of the Web's most prolific news portals.  
  • My team won a "Best of the Web" award for our 9-part expose on misleading bed sheet thread counts.

Content Creation

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November 2012 - June 2014

Grant Writing

BA, Creative Writing
I first honed my serious writing chops at Stanford and took away enough information to use for a lifetime...
MA, Journalism
My journalism degree from UCLA has opened many wonderful doors and brought me in touch with amazing people...

I'm well-versed in copywriting for print, radio, and television for both the news and advertising industries. 

​​​​and I’m also a freelance writer, blogger and entrepreneur based in California.

I've managed content creation teams producing high-quality deliverables under aggressive deadlines.

Comments are welcomed! Send me a message today!

I excel at grant writing for non profits and have either authored grants fetching close to $11 million.

About Me